How Does Google Algorithm Impact your Website?

Updates to Google’s algorithms affect your website’s ranking, lowering your ranking if you’re not doing what Google wants. However, if you follow Google’s guidance on how to provide web users with a better experience, Google will improve your web page rankings in search results. (the most recent update of Google was the mobile update, read on for more information.)


Higher rankings mean more traffic, and if it’s the right kind of traffic, it should lead to higher sales and profits. There are a plethora of factors that affect search engine rankings, and this list is continuously changing as Google makes more updates on the algorithm. At present, it seems that the most crucial factor affecting rankings is the click rate of your pages. In this blog post, you can also find an overview of all the key factors that Google currently uses to determine the rankings.


On this page, we are going to discuss what the Google search algorithm is, what factors are currently included in the algorithm, which factors presently carry the most weight, and what updates Google has made to the algorithm they use to determine search result rankings. If the Google search algorithm doesn’t mean anything to you, this podcast is a great place to start.


What is Google’s Search Algorithm?

Google’s search algorithm is the formula it uses to determine where a website should be positioned in a Google search. The exact procedure is a secret, but we can make educated guesses about which components are essential by analyzing the data and seeing which factors correlate with higher rankings. Pages that have the right elements that Google is looking for will rank higher than pages that are missing one or more features.


Which criteria influence the search algorithm?

The most crucial element of all for your page is what kind of click index your page receives when it is displayed in the search results. Google wants to show the information that people want to read and this is one of the ways it uses to determine the content that people want to read. The other factors that influence ranking are the relevance of the content to the search phrase, the number of backlinks, and the number of Facebook actions.


Besides, we know that goal of Google is to display the best content to respond to people’s searches, so, likely, the time spent on a page is also used by Google in order to determine rankings. Also, Google knows if a user spent 5 seconds on your page (which implies that your page is not very good), or more than 30 seconds on your page (which means that your page had information relevant to what they were looking for). Pages that have a higher time spent on the site will rank higher.


Other criteria comprise the SEO strength of the backlinks, the number of tweets, the number of pins of interest, the number of untracked backlinks, the position of keywords in the title, and page load times. Google wants web pages to load in less than 1.5 seconds. Besides, Google has recently worked to reward sites that are mobile-friendly and penalize those that are not. How mobile-friendly is your location? On April 21, 2015, Google updated its search algorithm to put much more emphasis on mobile-friendly websites. As much as 50% of different web traffic comes from tablets as well as smartphones and as such, having a website that works well for those devices is essential.

Google Algorithm impacts on your site

When Does Google Make Algorithm Changes?


The following are all the updates to the search algorithms that Google has made in recent years:

TOP Google Algorithm update

Panda – Feb 2011 – aimed at preventing sites with low content from reaching the first page of search results. Sites are periodically re-evaluated so that websites can start to have a high ranking if they change their web pages to offer high-quality content.


Top Heavy – January 2012 – aimed at saving sites that are mainly “top-heavy” with ads from ranking highly.


Penguin – April 2012 – to prevent sites from achieving artificially high rankings by purchasing links to their website or by using link networks. The goal is for organic links to boost the website’s ranking, not paid or artificial ones.


Pirate – August 2012 – the main aim of the Pirate update was to prevent sites with high copyright infringement from ranking high.


Exact Match Domain – September 2012 – with the goal of preventing sites with poor content from ranking too simply due to popular search terms in their domain name.


Payday – June 2013 – aimed at cleaning up search results from “spam queries” such as “payday loan”, explicit queries, and the like.


Hummingbird – September 2013 – more significant emphasis on the entire search query rather than specific keywords with the query.


Pigeon – July 2014 – to provide more useful and relevant local search results.


Mobile – April 2015 – aimed at showing mobile-friendly websites higher in search results on mobile devices (does not affect desktop searches).

What If My Web App Does Not Have One or More of any Search Criteria?

It can also be not easy to get a good Google ranking for all the criteria Google is looking for. Nevertheless, the higher the score, the better your website’s position in Google. Also, Google has a free tool available called “Google Page Speed Insights”. When you go to that tool, enter your website’s URL, and it will give your website a score for both mobile and desktop and list ways to improve your website’s loading speed. It also breaks down your web app review into the top 3 categories. Green = elements of your web app that you like.


Also, Yellow = aspects of your site that are not perfect, but also not critical to your search algorithm. Red = fundamental errors of your site that must be corrected for your site to rank higher. Profit works can work with an existing website to improve its position in Google, as well as create content designed to captivate thousands of additional visitors per month. If you would like to help to get more sales from your website, please contact us to set up an appointment to discuss. Also, if you need any help in ranking your website over Google, you can take help from our Digital marketing company in Delhi, India . We provide the best digital marketing solutions at pocket-friendly prices.


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