A complete SEO strategy to carry website traffic building

Building constant website traffic can be challenging for businesses in this competitive digital marketing arena. That’s why SEO (Search engine optimization) has proven as the most important digital marketing tool for online businesses in 2017. It provides effective SEO strategies to make your business appear on the first page of any search engine especially Google. By practicing this SEO strategy, you can grow your business at an exponential rate.
Why is SEO needed for website traffic building?

Small business often faces many difficulties in order to give good recognition to their business. In fact, organic traffic converts better than traffic from social media or any other channel. Moreover, user visits from search engines are effective as these are much consistent. By using the right SEO strategies, these businesses can grow their website traffic more than the expected rate.

As per Netmarketshare, Google owns approximately 70% of global search engine traffic. Therefore, SEO strategy acts as a magic tool that ensures well-optimized web pages even if the Google algorithm is constantly changing.
Following website stats shows the importance of SEO strategy for website traffic building:

– Approximately 93% of online users do a search using search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google
– About 70-80% of users don’t use paid search advertising and click on organic search results
– Searching has become no. 1 driver of website traffic surpassing social media by 300%
– About 30% of all clicks in organic search results in Google reach the top three results
In this blog, we have listed out the complete list of SEO strategies to carry website traffic building for your business.

Here is the list:

1) Quality content

It is true to say that content is king when it comes to digital marketing. Quality content actually brings more social media shares, attracts backlinks and improves overall user experience on your business website. Moreover, writing good content is not enough rather it should be quality rich to stand out from the crowd. Blogging is another effective approach to content marketing.
Quality content is the only powerful key to the success of content marketing. As the competition in the digital marketing world is increasing, the focus on quality content is also increasing at the same rate. You will get the following business benefits with content marketing:
– High visibility
– High domain authority
– More traffic
– High conversion
– Increased brand reputation
– Long-term partnership
2) Keyword research

Keyword research is a very important SEO strategy in digital marketing . It let the businesses know about user’s behavior that which phrase they are mostly using for searching in Google or any other search engine. For blogging, it is the most effective approach that helps bloggers to push popular keywords in the blogs. In fact, long-tail keywords are valuable one with which you can rank on top easily.

However, you can also use digital marketing tools like Google keyword tool to find the keywords.
3) Identify good and bad backlinks

Building quality backlinks is an important SEO strategy since backlinks have been the essential element of SEO to compete with authoritative sites in the digital marketing industry. You need to check out dangerous backlinks that are harming your website on a regular basis because all backlinks are not good.

Here, we have given some important elements of a good backlink to check for increasing the organic web traffic:
– The link should be from relevant website
– Backlink should not be automatically built rather it should be added by an editor
– Links from long articles value more
– Contextual links are good for driving traffic
– The LInk should be from a trusted source and good domain authority website
4) Disavow bad backlinks

To rank better in search engines and for getting more organic traffic, it is important to remove bad backlinks. In fact, a large number of low-quality links can cause Google penalties. There are many tools available on the market through which you can easily analyze whole backlinks to your website and can remove the bad ones.

Check the status of your links on a daily basis or you can monitor the status of your backlinks in the tools even if the links get removed accidentally. Lastly, the backlinks you find unable to remove, create a disavow report and submit it to the Google Disavow Tool.
5) Internal linking system

By using a good internal linking system, you can easily create backlinks to your existing sales pages, blogs or articles. You can also build quality links by linking to the relevant post you have written previously and use the anchor tag for this.

These are valuable links for your SEO and also keep your readers engage with the site content.
6) Content and meta tag optimization

Google, being the owner of maximum search engine traffic, always look for good metadata and keyword-rich content. The metadata must contain the information about the user’s queries and there should be the presence of keywords in the first paragraph of the content piece. This SEO strategy helps your website to rank higher in search engines.

However, the following things should be considered for optimization:

– Optimize description, ALT and image titles
– Optimize meta keywords, meta descriptions and meta titles
– Avoid keyword stuffing and add important keywords only
7) SEO progress monitoring

You should never ignore the SEO monitoring process even if you are working well with the SEO of your website and having great organic traffic. You should do a weekly analysis and monthly analysis in order to keep track of organic website traffic. Do an analysis of new links and check for bad and good SEO.

Moreover, you can also use Monitor Backlinks SEO tool to automate the reporting progress and ease all tasks. With this, you will get weekly SEO progress reports automatically. You will be informed of links you lose or earn.

As far as we have seen the top 7 SEO strategies to increase the website’s organic traffic. It will help businesses in generating good revenue for them. If you have any queries related to any aspect of digital marketing, you can contact a good digital marketing company in India.

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